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In the following month, we will cover a good amount of the content that you will learn in Y10 at NIST, in the subject areas Math and Science (Physics and Chemistry).

First off, go to the textbook page to download the individual chapters from each subject.

Alternatively, download the whole textbooks here:
Math - IGCSE Mathematics Extended
Physics - Conceptual Physics
Chemistry - IGCSE Chemistry

How this Wiki works:
I will post any homework problems or links here for you to download and complete. Please complete the homework by the following class. Complete the homework on separate paper so that I can collect them and mark it and return to you the next class. Note, the entries below are in reverse-chronological order.

Revision Test #1 - Class on 15th July 2009

The test is scheduled on Wednesday, 15th July 2009. It will cover everything we have done in Math, Chemistry and Physics. I have already written the test. To get you guys started a bit, here are the topics on the 90-minute paper:

  • Basic Algebra
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Simultaneous Equations (by both Substitution and Elimination methods)
  • Circle Theorems (yes, I put this back in!)
  • Graphs
  • Sine Rule
  • Cosine Rule
  • General Trigonometry
  • Matrices
  • Vector Algebra

  • The Atom
  • Atomic Structure Diagrams
  • Acids and Bases (Definitions)
  • Balancing Reaction Equations

  • Newton's 3 Laws of Motion
  • Basic Circuit Diagrams
  • Ohm's Law (Resistance)
  • Energy
    • Law of Conservation of Energy
    • Kinetic Energy
    • Potential Energy

I will post the digital copy of the test and the answers sheet here after you have taken the test on Wednesday. Good luck and study hard!

Homework #4 - Class on 8th July 2009

Please download the following documents, print them out, and complete all the questions. Okay there's quite a lot this week, because I want to prep you kids well since next week is our last! There is a mix of questions for matrices and vectors for math. For chemistry, some balancing equations, because you kids just simply love it so much!

| Update: Answers for MHwk4:

| Update: Answers for CHwk2:

We are looking at having a summary test next week. Would you rather revise on Monday with me then take the test on Wednesday, or take the test on Wednesday then have the chance to go through it on Wednesday? If you pick the first option, we can't go through the test until some other time.

Homework #3 - Class on 1st July 2009

Please download the following documents, print them out, and complete all the questions. This is a mix of sine and cosine rule practices. Remember, what's important is the ability to differentiate beween when to use sine and cosine rule.

| Update: Answers for MHwk3:

Homework #2 - Class on 24th June 2009

Please download the following documents, print them out, and complete all the questions.

The first piece of homework is for the chemistry concepts that we covered today: Atomic Structure and Periodic Table. I left some blank space for you to write your answers on the sheet. Oh, and download this better version of the Periodic Table. I suggest you print this out too and keep it in a file along with all the other papers to bring to class.

| Update: Answers for CHwk1:

Also, finish up that worksheet we started in class. Some of the questions are floozy, but just do them anyways; takes seconds! Here's a digital copy.

The second piece of homework is for the math we did today on trigonometry. There are some questions on the basic SOHCAHTOA, and some on the super cool Sine Rule. In case you've forgotten (how could you, right?) these are the two formulas that you must, must remember!

To find an unknown SIDE

To find an unknown ANGLE

So now go ahead and download the following questions. They're really not that difficult. Once you get used to the kind of question, they're quite fine, actually.

| Update: Answers for MHwk2:

That's all for now. Again, try to do all the questions, and I'll help out on Monday.

Homework #1 - Class on 17th June 2009

Please download the following document, print it out, and complete all the questions. Sorry if there are too many questions, but you've got four days to do them, and as Teresa said, "practice makes perfect"! I think both of you should be able to complete all/most of the problems. However, if there are some you can't do, attempt the question using the same technique that you used for previous questions; it doesn't matter if the answer is wrong. I will help out in Monday's class. Have fun! =)
| Update: Answers for MHwk1: